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Sorry for the click-bait title, but you have to read this.

Over 10 years ago I started out as a business law attorney. As I went through that journey my business owners wanted to figure out how to leave their businesses to their children. And then my friends started having babies, buying houses and their parents starting dying. Through all of that I learned about what happens in California when someone dies without creating an estate plan and let me tell you – its not pretty.

Regularly in my law practice I talk to clients who are shocked when they hear what the State has in store for them if they were to die or someone in their family was without an estate plan or becomes disabled. In many cases it is too late to help them out.

The state’s plan is actually pretty outrageous, so for the next several days, I am going to post here about it (if you’re not into it, you’ll need to mute me). More people need to know this before it is too late to do anything about it. I hope it helps at least one person realize that they can make these choices for themselves and takes action to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars of benefits if an emergency arises.

If you already know you (and your parents) need to get this handled yesterday, I am doing a live workshop on Facebook in late March if we can get fifteen or twenty people into the group. Together, we will walk through all the decisions you have to make to get this done and also have many laughs (it’s a dark humor, folks) about crazy families, what happens when we die, and all of that. You think you know people until you go through this process!

You can join the group here, and I would really appreciate you letting others know who may need to do this, too.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the exact details of the state of California’s plan. Look out for a post entitled, “California’s plan for you is the absolute worst.”


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