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We represent corporations, LLCs, partnerships, sole proprietors, partnerships, nonprofits. Most importantly, we represent you no matter your business's structure. Our vast experience working with small and mid-sized businesses provides us with an understanding of how small businesses are different. We understand the dynamics that go into making decisions in a family-run business.  We care about the end result and work hard to get you want you want. 

Our Expertise

Incorporation, LLC Organization, Litigation, Contract Law, Partnership or Shareholder Disputes, Negotiation, Trademarks

AL Harvet Business Law

The Incorporation Process

Initial Meeting

An initial consultation with an attorney at A. L. Harvey Law to discuss your needs in forming a business entity and your concerns. We advise that you consult with a CPA regarding the tax advantages of your business entity choice prior to this meeting. 

At this meeting we will discuss your choices regarding the business and some of the formalities. Book your initial meeting here.


A name search is conducted by A. L. Harvey Law and if necessary the name you would like for your corporation is reserved. Articles of Incorporation are created by A. L. Harvey Law and you are contacted to obtain a signature. After obtaining your signature the Articles of Incorporation delivered to the California Secretary of State's office. 


Our office will confirm that your corporation has been approved by the California Secretary of State's office, and once it is approved your corporation has been formed. 

Setting the Corporation Up For Success

After your business has become a corporation, the next steps are distributing shares, creating the board of directors, electing officers, adopting the bylaws, and creating all the appropriate paperwork. You will meet with an attorney in our office who will walk you through your first meeting of the Corporate Shareholders and the Board of Directors. Additionally, we will discuss and create the appropriate paperwork you will need for future meetings as well as your corporation's bylaws, shareholder certificates, ledger, register and if necessary Shareholder Agreement.

Further Instruction

We will give you a detailed letter that will outline the best practices you should employ to shelter your business and the corporation's shareholders, officers and directors from liability in conducting the business of the corporation.

Corporate Books

We will set up your minute book and will have it available to you for pick up after your initial meeting of shareholder and board of directors.

Future Maintenance

A. L. Harvey Law is available to serve as your agent for service of process and help you maintain corporate formalities.  A Corporate Maintenance package is available as a separate flat fee.

A informational consult with a business law attorney about your business and whether you should incorporate (corporation) or organize (LLC) your business. If you choose ...
1 hr
Incorporation Process
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