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Another Craft Beverage Company Has Trademark Issues

This time a craft cider company has legal issues surrounding their name.  Atlas Cider Company has chosen to change their name after confronted with a Trademark issue.  Oregon's second largest cider company was challenged by Atlas Brew Works (a D.C. Brewery) who owns a trademark for the name and felt that the name was too similar.  Apparently sometime in 2017 Atlas Cider Company was contacted by Atlas Brew Works and was informed that the brewery thought the names were too similar. 

Instead of fighting the trademark issue, Atlas Cider Company (named after the founder's child - Atlas) decided to change their name which was be unveiled at their five year anniversary party.  The name was changed on Saturday to Avid Hard Cider. Fortunately the parties agreed that Avid could keep their logo. 

5 years of marketing a name, down the drain.  Why? Because they didn't properly register their name or research their name from the outset. 

What can one learn from this story?  Think about your business name and register it BEFORE you spend valuable time and money marketing a name that you ultimately will have to change.  

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