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Peer Attorney Reviews

I Endorse This Lawyer

"Ms. Harvey, whom I know from our work in the community, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her practice. In addition to being a terrific lawyer, see is a leader in community service and charitable projects."

Richard Hall, Bankruptcy Attorney in Auburn, CA

I Endorse This Lawyer

"Allison Harvey is a legal professional who is committed to this community and the success of those businesses who want to "make" it here."

Joseph Maloney, Employment / Labor Attorney in Auburn, CA

On Time, Thorough & Well-Drafted

"I have had the pleasure of working and consulting with Allison on several litigation matters involving corporations.  Aside from being a great communicator and team player, Allison’s work has always been on time, thorough, and well drafted.  She knows her stuff, and her work reflects the high quality and effort that she puts into everything that she does.  I’m grateful that Allison is out there providing great service, and I’m looking forward to working and consulting with her again."

Kathleen Barredo Staker, Attorney at Law

Excellent Attorney

"Allison Harvey is an excellent attorney and business advisor."

Margaret Fulton, Estate Planning Attorney in Auburn, CA
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