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Craft Beer Trademark Nightmare

I am sure many of you have heard of the trademark dispute that Knee Deep is involved in surrounding their product, Breaking Bud.  If you haven't, here is the crux of it: Knee Deep developed a beer and named it Breaking Bud in around 2015.  Sony pictures sued for trademark infringement and trademark dilution in 2018 as they believe it was to similar to Breaking Bad, which Sony owns the trademark to. 

The logo for Breaking Bad: 

The Logo for Knee Deep's beer Breaking Bud:

Sony alleges that Knee Deep's use of the logo was in an effort to trade on the fame and recognition of the BREAKING BAD Marks and associate itself with the tremendous success of Sony's famous television show. 

The CEO of Knee Deep came out and said that Sony pictures knew about the beer and they explored the possibility of partnering on the beer, but chose not to.  Knee Deep stated they believe the suit should have been brought in 2015 when Sony was made aware of the label and name, instead of waiting until 2018.  

How will this play out? We will see.  

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